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Our services

Professional conveyor belt service for your relief - Comprehensive service offer

On your conveyor system, we carry out all the usual inspections and service works and offer you all-round support. You profit from our professional expertise and our services for the simple reason that you get your conveyor system repaired in shipshape. Maintenance guarantees you optimum availability and thus ensures a long lasting operation and increased efficiency of your conveyor systems.

We have experience in doing linings with wear-resistant materials made of rubber, ceramics or PVC, in splicing works and repairs on conveyor belts, in lining of conveyor belt pulleys with ceramic linings or rubber materials, as well as in plant optimization for instance in centering of the conveyor belt or the maintenance and replacement of the idlers.

From construction and advice to the effective use of conveyor system components, from continuous repairs and the maintenance of the system components such as conveyor belts, conveyor belt pulleys, support rollers and idlers and the wear-resistant and impact-acting/shock absorbing rubber materials during operation of the conveyor system. Our service offers added value and relief for you as operator or constructor of conveyor systems. Quite simple, so you can concentrate on the essentials.

A conveyor belt damage? Rely on our professional conveyor belt service, of course also in case of an emergency. Just contact us 24/7.


  • 24-hours-Service
  • Free technical on-site consultation
  • Reliable checks of your conveyor systems
  • Plant and component inspections
  • System optimization
  • Wear protection services
  • Conveyor belt installation
  • Splicing and centering of conveyor belts
  • Repairs of conveyor belts
  • Rubber linings of conveyor belt pulleys
  • Removal of damages 24/7
  • Fast spare parts service
  • New: sandblasting on site